Sunset Beach State Park, Oregon


Conor, Emma, and I went to Sunset Beach State Park today to explore the Oregon coast a bit on our day off. The rain was heavy when we left the hotel for our twenty minute drive to the coast, and I was worried that it would be limiting to our adventure.

It wasn’t. Yes, it was cold, windy, and rainy, but the rain let up a bit when we parked to visit the beach. Here are some photos from our trip!

Coos Bay-6 Coos Bay-5 Coos Bay-2 Coos Bay-4 Coos Bay-3 Coos Bay-7 Coos Bay-8 Coos Bay-9 Coos Bay-10 Coos Bay-11 Coos Bay-12

albina press workdate

Let’s face it: working from home is a dream. You can literally roll out of bed, grab your computer, and get right to it. Maybe after some coffee, of course.

But every now and then, it feels great to meet-up with your colleagues to get shit done, together. In real life. Thank goodness we all like each other!

Last Thursday, some of the Portland locals met-up at the Albina Press on Hawthorne, since it has so much space! Here is what it’s like to take over a public space for ten hours.

Albina Press-1 Albina Press-5 Albina Press-4 Albina Press-6 Albina Press-3 Albina Press-2

perfect hosts: megan and leif

To ease the transition between the Bay and Portland, I booked a month-long stay with my dear friend and colleague, Megan. Megan, and her partner Leif, moved to Portland in August, essentially starting the Portland trend in our company/department.

I won’t hesitate to confirm that they are an amazing couple, as well as incredible hosts.  Leif has continually surprised, making my list of fascinating new friends for 2013. It was such a pleasant surprise to learn that Leif, a poet, loves to bake bread, and that his bread baking capabilities have far surpassed Megan’s (but I have not yet had the opportunity to test this claim of Megan’s).

They are quiet, calm, but never boring, and they both radiate sincerity, intelligence, and kindness. My favorite time to spend with them is around dinner time, where the atmosphere is relaxed, curious, and focused on excellent cuisine.

This evening, Megan and I went out for some wine at Navarre with our colleague, Jen. Like ladies do, we turned to the topic of love and romance, where Megan affectionately recounted her love story with Leif. Theirs is a story that spans nearly two years of a flirtatious coffee-shop romance, rooted in the city of Chicago. I can confidently say that Megan and Leif reflect one of my goals this year: patience. I’m looking forward to learning more from them.

Here are some photos of a dinner with them from earlier this week. Photos of bread making to come.

Megan and Leif-1 Megan and Leif-5 Megan and Leif-7 Megan and Leif-4 Megan and Leif-6 Megan and Leif-3 Megan and Leif-2


I am of the opinion that, when it snows, it should be a lot or none at all. However, I was so very excited to see the little white flakes of happiness this afternoon, that I couldn’t help but express myself with joyous performance of happiness. After all, it’s been quite some time since I’ve last seen snow, perhaps in Las Vegas two years ago.

Because of this, I’ll excuse Mother Nature’s stingy snow shower, particularly since I was informed that it doesn’t snow in Portland. It didn’t stick very well, but I’ll take it.

Megan and I took a walk this evening, and I present you the following photos. She can really rock that red hat!