Sunset Beach State Park, Oregon


Conor, Emma, and I went to Sunset Beach State Park today to explore the Oregon coast a bit on our day off. The rain was heavy when we left the hotel for our twenty minute drive to the coast, and I was worried that it would be limiting to our adventure.

It wasn’t. Yes, it was cold, windy, and rainy, but the rain let up a bit when we parked to visit the beach. Here are some photos from our trip!

Coos Bay-6 Coos Bay-5 Coos Bay-2 Coos Bay-4 Coos Bay-3 Coos Bay-7 Coos Bay-8 Coos Bay-9 Coos Bay-10 Coos Bay-11 Coos Bay-12

albina press workdate

Let’s face it: working from home is a dream. You can literally roll out of bed, grab your computer, and get right to it. Maybe after some coffee, of course.

But every now and then, it feels great to meet-up with your colleagues to get shit done, together. In real life. Thank goodness we all like each other!

Last Thursday, some of the Portland locals met-up at the Albina Press on Hawthorne, since it has so much space! Here is what it’s like to take over a public space for ten hours.

Albina Press-1 Albina Press-5 Albina Press-4 Albina Press-6 Albina Press-3 Albina Press-2