Gallery: alluring aura of promise

I’m not a big fan of Las Vegas, my home town. I frequently tell people that I would never go back, if it weren’t for my family. Collectively, I have this unshakable impression of saturated materialism, unmotivated desperation and fake sense of authenticity, which can only be the product of a city run by multimillion dollar businesses founded upon vice.

What a shame, though. Despite my opinion of this city, I must admit it also emits an alluring aura of promise. Perhaps, one day, Vegas can move past the characteristics that, in my opinion, hold it back from its true potential. After all, to survive in the arid atmosphere that is Las Vegas, you have to be tough, with perseverance at your side.

It’s only fitting that a city of this description is rooted in the desert of the Southwest, with a landscape reflective the city’s truth, and potential. I can no longer deny that the desert here captures my favorite redeeming Las Vegas quality: an ethereal beauty that is an experience of its own.

Here are my favorite photos reflecting this beauty, which were taken on December 20, 2012 in Red Rock National Canyon in the Northwest area of the valley. These photos have been subjected to minimal editing in Lightroom.

Red rock-14Red rock-10Red rock-13 Red rock-12 Red rock-8 Red rock-9Red rock-4 Red rock-3 Red rock-2 Red rock-7

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